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Saturday, 5 April 2014

*The Sweet Venom*

My sweet venom..
You are like a puzzle..
That I can't solve..
You are like coffee,
that I'm addicted to..
You are like a perfume,
that I love so much..
You like a book,
that I have to explore to understand it...
You like a candy,
that have a surprise at the center..
You like a jewel,
that is so rare and hard to find..
You like a lavender,
that give a calmness in my heart...
You and I..
Just like moon and star..
Seems near yet far away..
Your sweet talking yet harmful to me..
Without you,
I feel suffocated..
With you,
I feel restless..
Yet i still want,
To be with YOU !
My Sweet Venom...

By: SHaH (Siti Hamizah Hashim)

*Sumber inspirasi biarlah rahsia*


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