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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Aku dilantik sebagai ????:O

Salam... Hello Mr. Bloggie.. Do you miss me??
Well I miss you so much.. Tons of story that i want to write it here..
But its always concern with the time..
I'm super busy.. hehe but still need to be here to update !
All right, for this sem 1, 2012/2013 i have been appointed as Welfare BRC Block H, Mahallah Safiyyah.. FC for Nasyeed Club.. and For Ukhti Nasyed Fm, Exco of Discipline and Safety.. haha funny isn't it?? I know nothing about martial art how am i suppose to take care others.. hehe
Seriously it's like super duper funny.. right??
okay enough for that.. let continue to next fairy tale.. ohh on 18 November 2012, I have been appointed to Assistant Head for PUB n PRO IPN.. Islamic Performance Night !
hehehe.. seriously I am suprised ! its happened so suddenly.. I bet no one know that I have been appointed as FC for NC 2012/2013.. I don't mind if people dont know about this.. Maybe its better like that right.. :)
I like to keep it in my heart as my dark secret! hahaha where's the fire?
Okay lahh I think this all for NOW.. will be back with more fairy tales..
GoodBye Mr. Bloggie :) Annyeongie <3