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Friday, 7 December 2012


Salam Mr. Blog... :)
I know you miss me..
which is why I feel like want to update YOU today..
So what do I have in my minds??
Hurmm.. Well I got a few stories to share with you..
Last Weds, 5th Dec if I not mistaken.. I have joining one workshop..
Which was 'Bengkel Asas Penulisan' by Ustaz Zahiruddin Zabidi..
At first I don't feel like i wanna join it yeah since I have so many assignment.. 
But then I decided to go.. Well I think I could get something new, I mean the knowledges..
Right? Right? Hah ! I told you I was right.. Hahaha..
Anyways after I decided to join, I set my mind that I will get something new and I will used it..
So that night I went with Najla( 
Luckily I went with her.. You know the road that lead us to econs was kind of scaryyyyy.. oooooo..
Back to the story, so I was totally enjoyed that workshop.. I'm so happy that I got lots new knowledges.. Plus I'm even more happy because Ustaz gave away an E-Book of his to us.. Please don't get jealous when I tell you that E-Book is not even published yet.. And yess we were the first one who gets to read it :) I mean how cool is that? Super duper cool right ! hahaah
So I promise that I write a few stories.. well I already have a few ideas in my minds.. It's just that i don't have time to do it yet.. But I do hope I can find time to do it.. I feel like all the ideas wanna jump out form my minds.. Okay that was exaggeration hahaha.. 

And ohh one more thing, this morning yes this morning Mr. Blog..

07.12.2012 Friday.. I have joined one more program which was Grooming Etiquette Workshop ! In fact I'm one of the committee.. :D what a big smile for myself ! Hah ha.. So, I never expect that I would enjoyed myself in that workshop.. I'm even amused to that speaker.. She's awesome and wow superb ! :) Her name is Shahrizad.. what a relief, I think all the participant were enjoying the show.. hahaa.. this time around too I got lots of knowledge and information :D
The food was super awesome too.. And NICE ! You don't jealous aren't you?

Ohh look at the time now.. I must go now.. its already 7.09 pm.. Must get ready to perform my solat ! So till I meet you again Mr. Blog.. Love you and please take care of yourself.. Cause I will take care of myself too.. hikhikhik.. <3 <3 <3