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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Promote... Promote....

IOPE merupakan satu jenama kosmetik unggul di Korea keluaran syarikat Amore Pasific. Syarikat ini merupakan pengeluar kosmetik terbesar di Korea, antara jenama lain keluaran syarikat ini adalah seperti Laneige, MAMONDE, ETUDE, Espoir dan Odyssey.

Ada berpuluh-puluh product berjenama IOPE tetapi kami akan fokuskan jualan kepada 'Whitegen Line' sahaja kerana keserasian product ini terbukti sesuai dengan wanita Asia yang inginkan kulit putih berseri dan kelihatan anjal.

Patented ingredients inhibit the formation of melanin , improving and brightening your skin tone. The products also helps detox harmful substances and toxins to help restore the damage skin while preventing pigmentation.
Whitegen Cleansing Foam    Whitegen Luminous Emulsion
Cleansing with a rich foam that brightens the skin tone.

After wetting hands and face with warm water, taken a portion on palm, generate foam, and wash by massaging gently.
Brightening emulsion that makes the skin clean and clear through anti-oxidant effects.

After using the softener, pump 2~3 times and gently apply it over the face from the center outward.

Whitegen Clearing Softener    Whitegen Essence Ampoule
Brightening Softener that creates a clean, smooth foundation for the skin similar to a facial peeling.

After washing the face, gently wipe it onto the face from the center outward using a cotton pad.
Highly concentrated brightening essence to improve skin tone for a bright and even skin complexion.

Every morning and night, after using emulsion, pump one or two times and gently apply all over the face. For darker spots, apply one more time and meticulously massage to adsorb it deeply into the skin.

Whitegen Intense Cream    Whitegen Sun Cream SPF45
Brightening cream that gives firm, vibrant skin through concentrated ingredients.

After using the essence, gently apply it over the face from the center outward and lightly tab on the face for adsorption.